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Occupation and size

  • A porta potty is made to be used by only one person at each instance, a porta potty is approximately 43 inches square by 83 inches high.

  • The porta potty can either have the seat toilet or both the seat toilet and the urinal.

  • The stability of the porta potty when someone is in there is mostly enhanced by the weight of the waste tank which has a liquid disinfectant dispenser and also a deodorizer.


Characteristics of porta potties

Our porta potties are the best that you will find in the market . Some of the features of our porta potties are;

  • lockable doors with an occupy signal latch

  • well ventilated, with ventilation holes at the top

  • Comes with a vent pipe for the holding the tank, this vent pipe is very important as it helps in elimination odor when wind blows.

  • Our porta potties have an interior that is comfortable just like your home toilet

  • The floor is anti-slip

  • Comes with tissue rolls in fact two.

  • A well fitted sanitary deck

  • Our porta potties are mostly translucent to allow some light in while still maintaining the privacy since no one can see through.

  • Our porta potties are also fitted with lifting hooks which make it easier to have the porta potty well lifted by a crane

  • Fitted with an instant antiseptic hand cleanser

Uses and advantages

A porta potty is mostly used in gatherings and camps where there are no toilets and where there is no need to have a permanent toilet since the gathering is just temporal. This porta potties can be used for advertising so as the advert can catch the eye of the many people in such gatherings. The advert is well fixed on the porta potty and the people using the toile will be able to use the toilet as they wait outside or as they approach the porta potty.The benefits of a porta potty are;

Porta potty


Having a portable toilet at a gathering is much easier and affordable than building a public toilet for that one specific gathering and later leaving it there never to be used in case the gathering is not done there. The space where the gathering is being done maybe rented and thus not possible to have a toilet constructed in a rented field or space. The beauty of this porta potties is that they can be placed anywhere and be moved when the occasion is done or when they get full.
Porta potty


With a porta potty we guarantee all our customers and users of the porta potty of utmost cleanliness and hygiene. Large gathering can turn disastrous if the proper hygiene levels are not maintained especially in the porta potties. We always ensure that the porta potties are drained, disinfected, deodorized and thoroughly cleaning at a regular basis. We also ensure that the toilets are in the right order all times. We never let a porta potty get near overflow. We will always have it emptied when it gets near overflow. Our customers can always attest to the quality services we offer. We are the best in the provision of porta potty services.
Porta potty

Easy movement/ Portability

It is very easy to have a porta potty moved from one place and that’s why they are known as portable potties. They can easily be carried at the back of a pick-up truck or a lorry for larger porta potties. We have the bigger porta potties fitted with hooks which make them much easier to have them craned on the lorry or pick-up truck. The porta is also made of very lightweight material making it easier to move from one place to another.


Porta potties come fitted with accessories you will get in the normal toilets at home or in offices. Our porta potties have tissue rolls, disinfectants and sanitizers. An internal handwashing station can also accompany the toilet where you can do hand washing as soon as you leave the porta potty. This washing stations have soap and paper towels giving the best toilet experience even away from home.

Care and maintenance

It is very important to have the porta potties well maintained and cared for. We always ensure that the porta potties are well maintained and looked at for any faults before they are delivered to a public gathering. This really helps in eliminating any cases of leakages or bad odor that may occur. This will also help in ensuring the hygiene levels are tops.

Porta potty

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